Summit After-school Club

Summit is an after-school experience designed to engage both the social and educational needs of New Orleans public school students by providing one-on-one tutoring, reward-based reading program, offsite, hands-on learning activities, student-chosen, rotating arts/cultural learning tracks and social skill development programming . A select group of 3rd and 4th graders from John Dibert Community School began the inaugural Summit group in September 2012. The club meets on the campus of First Baptist New Orleans from 1:15-5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays (early release day for Dibert).

Multiple Learning Tracks
Many under-resourced children a sense of hopelessness because they lack opportunities and the ability to make choices about their lives. In an effort to restore hope, Tracks infuses both opportunity and choice back into the lives of participating students.

Through club Tracks, students are offered choices and opportunities to engage in a variety of activities and programs, including, but not limited to: nutrition classes, cooking, photography, sports, music, creative writing, science experiments, video/media presentations, and basic business and financial literacy.

LEAP Tutoring
Students who struggle academically and have to repeat a grade are at a higher risk of later dropping out of school. Because all Louisiana 4th grade students must pass the Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP) test in order to be promoted to the 5th grade, the club provides LEAP-specific tutoring to prepare them for Language Arts, math, science and social studies tests.

Reading Skills Development
Reading competency is not only essential for success in the classroom, but for success in the “real world” as well. And, students who fall behind grade-level in reading struggle in other subjects as well. Accelerated Reader, a popular and successful reading program will be used to regularly assess each student’s current level and reading comprehension. Utilizing this rewards-based reading program, club participants are challenged and encouraged to read at or above their grade-level.